To register for the weekend, please fill in the registration information below. Your place will be reserved once payment is received.

There are a limited number of spots available in the guesthouse. To stay in the guesthouse, you will need to room with another lady.  Beds will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Things you will need to know concerning COVID:  We will need to wear masks in church and as appropriate in the meal hall.  The nuns will be keeping their distance.  If you have stricter needs than this, I would recommend staying nearby.  See the “Nearby Accommodations” link.

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    Saturday, COMMUTER (1 meal): $50.00
    Friday and Saturday, COMMUTER (2 meals): $60.00
    Friday - Sunday, COMMUTER (4 meals): $75.00
    Friday - Saturday, (one night and 2 meals): $80.00
    Friday - Sunday, (two nights and 4 meals): $100.00


    I will pay online using using the link below.
    I will pay by check, using Matushka Janine's address below. The check must arrive within one week of registration.

    Other notes


    Make On-Line payment here.

    To send a check, please make it out to Janine Frigerio and send it to this address:

    Janine Frigerio
    19402 B DR N
    Marshall, MI 49068