To register for the weekend, please fill in the registration information below. Your place will be reserved once payment is received.  Keep in mind that you may come to as much of the retreat as you would like.

There are a limited number of spots available in the guesthouse. To stay in the guesthouse, you will need to room with another lady.  Beds will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

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    Friday - Saturday, (one night and 2 meals): $80.00
    Friday - Sunday, (two nights and 4 meals): $100.00
    Saturday, COMMUTER (1 meal): $50.00
    Friday and Saturday, COMMUTER (2 meals): $60.00
    Friday - Sunday, COMMUTER (4 meals): $75.00


    I will pay online using using the link below.
    I feel that I must pay by check, and I will not forget to give the check to Mat. Janine at the retreat. 🙂

    Other notes

    Make On-Line payment here.

    If you absolutely need to pay by check, I will accept those at the retreat, made out to Dormition Monastery.